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  • E. Lemery

The Foundryman Creed

Updated: May 13

I am a foundryman, a craftsman of metal,

Forging creations with skill and mettle.

With molten metal and sand as my tools,

I shape the future with my hands, strong and true.

I honor the ancient art of sand casting,

A tradition passed down, everlasting.

In the heart of the foundry, where fire roars,

I bring to life the components the world adores.

I hold the secrets of the sand,

Molding intricate shapes with steady hand.

With precision and care, I craft each mold,

Ensuring quality that will never fold.

From the furnace, flames ablaze,

I melt the metals with an expert gaze.

Guided by knowledge, experience, and skill,

I pour the molten essence, my purpose to fulfill.

I am the guardian of metallurgical alchemy,

Balancing alloys with unwavering accuracy.

Through science and art, I shape the cast,

Creating strength that will forever last.

I embrace the challenges, the heat, and the toil,

With perseverance and dedication, I never recoil.

In the foundry's crucible, I find my pride,

Creating pieces that stand the test of time.

I am a foundryman, a custodian of tradition,

Preserving the craft with unwavering ambition.

Through innovation and timeless technique,

I leave an indelible mark that others seek.

As a foundryman, I carry the flame,

A torchbearer of history, with passion untamed.

With every cast and every creation,

I honor the legacy of the foundryman's vocation.

In the foundry's heart, I stand tall,

A craftsman devoted to the call.

To shape the world with fire and sand,

I am a foundryman, forever at hand.

-Author Unknown


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