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New England Foundry, Taunton, MA
New England Foundry, Taunton, MA
New England Foundry, Taunton, MA

Specializing in non-ferrous sand casting of aluminum, brass, and bronze, we cater to a diverse range of markets, including marine, aerospace, and industrial sectors. Formerly the Anbar division of Edson International—which was founded in 1859 after Jacob Edson invented the Diaphragm Pump for the Gloucester Schooner Fishing Fleet —New England Foundry joined the Potentia Manufacturing Group in 2022, taking its place among some of the fastest growing companies in the precision machining and metalworking arenas. As part of the Potentia group of companies, New England Foundry is held to the highest standards of workmanship and provides clients with cost-effective access to a full array of precision services. New England Foundry continues to manufacture all of our products in our Taunton, Massachusetts facility.

 While our name is new, we have a history of almost 80 years here in Taunton. Please enjoy this brochure.


New England Foundry is a Top-Tier Foundry with Decades of Experience

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