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Industries Served

Precision Beyond Borders: Serving Industries Since 1948!

At New England Foundry, our legacy spans over seven decades of excellence. From marine to aerospace, our precision craftsmanship has left an indelible mark. Join the ranks of these satisfied clients. Your industry, our expertise – a partnership built on longevity and dedication. Request a quote and experience the difference that comes from a seasoned foundry.


Ascending with Precision – From the earth to the skies, our aerospace solutions lift your aspirations. Let's soar together.


Driving Innovation Forward – Our automotive components are engineered to power the future of transportation. 

Fluid/Air Movement

Efficiency in Motion – From fluid dynamics to air movement, our components keep things flowing seamlessly. Optimal performance for your systems.

Bearings, Gears, & Sprockets

Driving Industry Excellence – Power your machinery with our precision gears, bearings, and sprockets. Efficiency in every revolution.


Charting Excellence on Every Wave – Our meticulously crafted components set sail with your marine innovations. Navigate the seas with confidence.


Building Tomorrow, Today – Our construction solutions lay the foundation for your success. Strength, durability, and meticulous design in every component


Forging Culinary Precision – Enhance your food industry operations with components that bring accuracy to every process. From farm to table, you're covered.


Precision for Life – Our medical components set the standard for accuracy in healthcare. Trust us to contribute to advancements in medical technology.


Crafting Visions into Reality – Elevate your designs with our architectural and artistic finesse. Where imagination meets craftsmanship.


Powering Progress with Precision – Our electrical components spark innovation. Trust us to amplify your electrical systems with reliability and accuracy.


Designing Comfort, Crafting Elegance – Elevate your furniture creations with our meticulously crafted components. Where form meets function.

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