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Our Services

Step into the legacy of precision and passion at New England Foundry, where sand casting is an art perfected over decades. With roots dating back to 1948, our seasoned expertise empowers you with a suite of services that redefine the possibilities of metal component production. Explore our comprehensive offerings with confidence.


Custom Sand Casting

Tailored to your unique specifications, our custom sand casting service transforms your designs into reality. Precision and customization converge to create components that perfectly fit your application.


Pattern and Mold Making

The foundation of excellence lies in our pattern and mold making expertise. Our craftsmen meticulously design and fabricate patterns and molds, ensuring the accuracy and repeatability of each casting.


Batch and Large-Scale Production

From prototypes to high-volume orders, we scale to meet your production needs with expertise and capacity.


Metal Fabrication

Beyond bending and cutting, our metal fabrication fuses precision casting and skilled craftsmanship. Each piece embodies the synergy of casting excellence and tailored fabrication for strength, precision, and a seamless fit to your unique needs.


Injection & Machined Plastics

Get high-quality, consistent plastic parts with our advanced injection molding services. For custom, precision-engineered components, our machined plastics offer unmatched accuracy and versatility. Trust us for excellence in every product.

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Non-Destructive Testing - Level II & III Radiographic & Penetrant Inspection

Our experts use advanced techniques to detect and analyze defects while preserving your material's integrity. Expect precise, reliable results that uphold the highest standards of quality and safety.


Heat Treat

Elevate the durability and performance of your materials with our heat treat service. Our advanced techniques and precise temperature control ensure optimal hardness and strength, delivering unmatched consistency and quality. Support your pursuit of exceptional outcomes with our reliable expertise.



Test and iterate with confidence! Our prototyping services provide a tangible preview of your vision, allowing you to refine and perfect your designs before full-scale production. Your ideas, brought to life with precision.


Casting Design Assistance

Collaborate with our experts to optimize your designs for seamless manufacturability. Leverage the insights and guidance gained from decades in the industry to enhance casting feasibility, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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Casting Finishing and Machining

Refine castings with precision. From grinding to machining, we tailor each component to your specifications and aesthetics.


Lapping and Finishing

Elevate your metal components with our lapping and polishing expertise. Our meticulous attention ensures a mirror-like finish, delivering unrivaled smoothness and precision. Unleash brilliance through our commitment to perfection.

Wire EDM.png

Wire EDM

Experience unparalleled precision and efficiency with our cutting-edge technology. Our process ensures intricate, accurate cuts on even the most complex designs and hard materials. Each project embodies exceptional quality and reliability, tailored to meet your specialized machining needs.

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Unlock precision and reliability with our premier stamping service. Our cutting-edge technology and expert craftsmanship guarantee each piece meets the highest quality standards. Experience exceptional results tailored to your stamping needs.

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