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New England Foundry, Taunton, MA
New England Foundry, Taunton, MA
New England Foundry, Taunton, MA
New England Foundry, Taunton, MA

Specializing in sand casting of aluminum, brass, and bronze, New England Foundry provides customers from a broad range of industries with an endless array of high-quality castings. We take pride in maintaining long-term relationships with our clients because it means they are consistently pleased with our service and products.


With special expertise in sand casting of non-ferrous metals, New England Foundry can provide small-volume, high-quality work with quick turnaround. In fact, we have the ability to manufacture everything from prototype or “one off” pieces to industrial production runs in our Taunton, Massachusetts facility. Our ability to control all aspects of operation—tooling, casting, finishing, heat treating, machining, and more—makes your job easier, while our unrivaled level of customer service and communication demonstrates how much we respect your work and appreciate your business. Trust New England Foundry for fast turnaround with attentive, personalized service.


  • Sand castings from primary ingots

  • Quick turnaround

  • Loose work… custom “one offs”

  • Prototyping

  • Fine finish

  • Professional trimming

  • Available finishing machining

  • Powder coating/anodizing/chrome plating availability

  • Pattern-making capabilities

Providing Master Workmanship in the Art and Technique of Sand Casting

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